Friday, November 8, 2013

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I want to be a millionaire!

  Work is sometimes a drag. You wake up, get ready for work and you see the same stuff every single day. Then you have to deal with people you don't like very much. You wish to get another job where there's not so much drama. Then you dream about winning a lottery and come to work and starts cussing at people you've always wanted to cuss, wishing to get fired, and then announced " I am leaving all of you witches.. I'm a millionaire"! Then you shake your head look at your table- more stuff to do. Reality hurts!  You'll probably retire doing the same work, and will continually pay your bills until your last breath.  What a cruel world. Unless you're way too smart, and start searching for that "get rich formula" good luck- by now just take a ride in the same boat I am in. It is hard to get rich. Reasons 1. You're not super smart. 2. You don't have the resources 3. economy is bad 4.Too many people depend on your meager income. 5. You've got so much bills to pay- just thinking how to pay all your bills, takes everything you have in your brain!
    What's the best solution to all these paranoia~  I will try not to be sarcastic in any way but this is probably  the reason why Religion was invented...No, don't get me wrong.. I am not an atheist.. I truly believe in God, just not devout.
    Well, as we all  have been taught: we should lay our treasures in heaven where moth and rust do not corrupt, and thieves do not break through. I believe that this is the best way to keep your sanity in these trying times. If you can't be rich and famous through hard work and lottery.  You have a chance to be truly rich in the eternities.  You don't have to work your way up to become a CEO, to cheat and destroy other people to get to the top! In fact you build a character where you will be admired and emulated.
     Believing that saving up your wealth in heaven, is the best way to keep your sanity-then do it this way. Truly there are couple hurdles, but the key to wealth in heaven is "humility". That's where everything starts with. With that virtue... comes Faith- or believing in things you haven't seen or touch, but knows deep in your heart is true! If you develop that faith in God, then, there's a creepy little thing that will try to get out of your system called "sin". This is where Repentance comes in- a desire to change, to quit those old and ugly habits, to forsake that which is bad and to become a new person. Now, do you need to be a believer or a follower of a religious figure or icon to attain this level of peace? I believe so, but you don't have to, but as a believer myself following Christ is a must. Then  there is a need to be baptized which symbolizes, cleansing, Christians believe that baptism is not just a symbol but a key to enter heaven, then comes the anointing or the receiving of a companion which is the Holy Ghost- one who will guide you in your decisions in life. These are the four portals for each one who wishes to be rich, wealthy and be happy for eternities. The portal of Faith, the repentance portal, the baptism portal and the receiving of the Holy Ghost portal. These are undeniably the only way to attain wealth- that is more powerful than all wealth combined on earth.
    Live a normal life, try to pay your bills, be contented of what you have, don't spend more than what you earn. Get involved in helping others, try to be happy, and seek guidance from the most powerful being we all call "Father" 
    Be happy!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Child's safety

    I have not been in a very good mood since friday due to a flu.  I tried to be cautious about not to be in direct contact with my kids ,and sprayed Lysol on everything that I touched. Washing hands was more frequent than ever.  I skipped church on Sunday. Then  Monday, I heard my youngest son started coughing, not a good sign, I'm hoping he will get over it soon. Driving my way to work I saw a mother crossing the street with two of her kids lagging behind her, the kid was probably about 5 years old, and he was about eight feet away from his mom. I wanted to yell at the mom and wanted to tell her to watch over her kids especially crossing a busy street. Please don't have anymore kids if you can't even watch one or two, or better yet give it to people who will protect them the way they should be protected.

   Kids who are 6 years old and below, still don't have a good perception on a lot of things. Guidance is at stake. There's a lot of things that red flags are raised.  Leaving them on the playground while you get busy talking on the phone with somebody, or chatting to someone else in the park, isn't a very good idea. Check on your kids every minute of the day. There are so many crazy people out there. Even in your own yard, you have to check them every now and then. a little squeal or a thud you hear from inside your house, go and run, and see what's going on.  There's nothing wrong with being watchful, than not being one at all.

   Never leave your kids inside your car, even if you think that it's only going to be a few minutes away from your car. The car can be a huge oven especially on summer days. leaving your kids can cause extreme dehydration and even death to your loved ones.
    My house has a basement where I have my gaming station set up, of course my kids would normally spend a lot of time playing xbox games. I don't have time playing games, so I'd go about doing other fun stuff like cleaning the house, laundry, preparing food and other things in the main level of my house. Even though the basement  is safe, I still call their names constantly and asks them how they are, and I'd go and check them out every now and then, while I am doing all the joyful tasks on weekends.
    Never leave them to baby sitters that you don't know very well. If you have to pay baby sitters, check on their backgrounds and ask people who knows them very well. If you have the money to install security camera's, the better. Teach your kids to call 911 or  teach them safety drills , like getting out of a house when there's a fire, how to use the phone, how to defend themselves by screaming out loud, or  when a stranger is trying to hurt them kicking hard, and kicking body parts that will let go of them.
    When it comes to eating food, they'd always want "something tasty" or "something good". You have to teach them what and how to eat right Always check your food's expiration dates, before giving them to your kids. Sometimes we just make pancakes without checking expiration dates, ready mix pancakes are bad when it's expired, bacteria starts growing in those nasty expired pancake mix. So when it's expired, throw it away. Anything that's expired is garbage. Do not attempt to donate it to boy scouts or girl scouts food drive. Be a good neighbor.
   My thoughts are overwhelming and I'll be writing more later or perhaps organize this blog a little bit more.... just not feeling well. Hope to see you soon in my next blog. Don't get sick.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Great Recession part 2 of 3

   It's summer time and you see your neighbor's beautiful yard. Envy starts to mushroom, and keeping up with Mrs Jones begin!  To Home Depot you go, and start shopping for plants that will be the envy of your neighborhood. Cashier rings up the total:   $ 625.00 for a few plants and a few bushes. You swipe your card and the excitement of a beautiful yard comes into view-in your mind. Then you plant all the things you bought at Home Depot and come to realize that not even a quarter of your yard is landscaped. You look at Mrs Jones and her yard, and you see the grin on her face-then you cuss and check your bank account- all you have now left is $ 245.09, and the yard still look bare!!! What do you do? Use your credit card? OPPPS!!!   I'd say NO! keep your credit card and your hard earned money, spend a little fortune for yard beautification.
   Recession is still here and you've got to spend your money wisely.
   My sister just bought a couple hydrangeas, hanging petunias and have spent quiet a fortune.  I went to home depot, and bought couple plants that were half price because they were almost dying, I got a Japanese maple tree that was damaged from excessive wind for 12.00 bucks, the original price of which was 45.00. I bought some seeds and a couple more plants at discounted prices at walmart, then bought a few hanging baskets and two bags of potting soil. Now I am able to watch my plants grow. With a little money and  TLC, you have a nice garden. Always think of ways to save. Before you buy, think a couple of times if you really need it, and if you did buy it and later on realized that you don't need it-return it. 
    My sons, wants me to buy them things that they really don't need. A lot of times I give in. I remember buying a bunch of gifts for Levi on his birthday, thinking that he won't have enough birthday gifts just like what happened last time. I end up spending close to 600 dollars for his birthday celebration and gifts. I know that I would give everything for my kids. But the best thing is to save the money for their future.
    Never spend more than you earn! If you really want to buy that nice TV, save up that money, don't use your credit card. If it gets to be really itchy, you can probably forgive yourself from using your no interest for twelve months credit cards. Just make sure to pay it before it's due, or the interest will be on after a late payment.
    Life in America is all about credit. You have a house mortgage, a car on credit, appliances on credit. You work to pay interest to companies you owe money with. It's a crazy life, but, there's a way to minimize all these spending.
    Do not buy a new house, if you can't afford the payment. Fixer uppers are the best way to start with. You can always sell it later and you'll be surprised you'll make some profit.  Always offer the bank a little lower than what they're asking for. Buy used cars, but if you do want to buy used cars from a private owner bring a friend with you who knows about cars, and test drive it before you buy it. Make sure that there's no transmission or engine problems.  Buy used appliances as well. These can all be replaced as you get through life with less and less difficulties. You can always buy a new refrigerator later, and replaced your old one.
     Lastly when in conversation with friends, mention you need to buy a few things for your house, some friends have a few things they need to get rid of. Their junk can be your treasure. Post your need on public bulletin boards or on craigslist, you'll be surprised to find out that there are always people who are willing to lend a helping hand. Good luck!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

What is Father's day - yul saba

    It is simply a day where we can give tribute to Father's individually and collectively.
According to Wikipedia: Father's Day is a celebration honoring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in society. It is celebrated on the third Sunday of June in many countries and on other days elsewhere. It complements Mother's Day, the celebration honoring mothers.
   How do we celebrate father's day? Most children surprise their fathers with lavish gifts, others with whatever they can afford. It's always the thought that counts.
   As for fathers who are older and mature the gift doesn't really mean much but more so on the giver who has exerted effort in showing their love by gift giving. As a father myself, I'd rather spend money for my kids to a nice dinner in a nice restaurant or maybe at home, watch a good movie, or maybe camping and fishing. If we don't have the luxury of doing anything expensive, we can gather as a family and have dad tell you stories down memory lane with some home made cookies or snacks. It can sometimes be emotional, but this will free him of the burden thinking he might have not shown his love for his kids. Take some old pictures of your family as visuals Let him talk and let him tell you of the joys and pain your family went through. Let him tell you  that he is the man who will lay down his life for your sake. He is the leader of the pack, who will protect, sustain and nourish hand in hand with your mother. Love for daddy can flourish even more. Men can be very emotional, though this is not normally shown so as not to be branded as weak individuals, they also want to reach out. They can be cry babies too.  When a man cries-that's his strength.
    When you loose a father, it feels like you have lost a foundation in the home. It is a burden that mother's take upon their shoulders, that is why both parents are equally yoked in rearing up their kids. Neither one of them can take credit all by themselves, both have unique characteristics that molds up individuals especially in character building. Thanking both parents and celebrating life with them is totally priceless.
     When my father died, I was about 19 years old. My mother was left with 10 children, although there were only 4 left in the home to take care of, she was in no way could take care of the family due to financial restraints. She has always been a house mom. She tried to sell food or whatever she can do to alleviate our poor condition. Luckily we have siblings who were older, who helped us goes through life with less difficulties. I remember we were in debt, but not much. The LDS church helped us in those difficult times. I still recall my mother would sob and call my father as if summoning for help.
      I didn't understand back then, neither of my younger siblings about my father's medical condition. He had a weak heart condition ever since he was a kid. But he always have something planned for us. The park, the beach a hike to the farm and many others. We all didn't know that this was all crucial to his health but he did it anyway.  He had a by pass surgery at the Philippine Heart Center, and was told that he'd be lucky to live for another year. He lived for another 10 years and continued supporting us, until his paralysis, and succumbed.
      We will eventually loose our parents, and If we don't believe in the life hereafter, everything that we have enjoyed, the memories, the love we have been showered with will all be void and nonsense. Wouldn't it be exciting to know that we can be with our love ones once again someday somewhere? It depends on your faith and your belief. I know and I believe that God certainly has a plan. He didn't create families and destroy them. He wants us to share the same love once again and to continue in the eternities. There is joy... an eternal happiness that we all can look forward to.
       Happy Father's day my friends..

Friday, June 17, 2011

The Great Recession part 1 of 3

The recession in the United States has probably quadrupled in the last few years to the present time. These are trying times. Business owners suffer because people stopped buying new things, and we resorted to used stuff from yard sales and craigslist. In return business's  goes bankrupt without sales. It is normal for people to save their money. In times of uncertainty, people embark on the frugal life which can sometimes be daunting.
But what is frugality?
 Wikipedia defines it :
Frugality is the quality of being frugal, sparing, thrifty, prudent or economical in the use of consumable resources such as food, time or money, avoiding waste, lavishness or extravagance.[1][2][3][4] In some contexts it may also be the practice of acquiring goods and services in a restrained manner, and resourcefully using already owned economic goods and services, to achieve a longer term goal
Can I be frugal without being branded as Poor, Hobo and  Red neck?
Who cares about names in these trying times. Us human beings resort to calling names to demean just  to feel superior than the rest of humankind. If somebody call you names, check his/her status, and you'll find out that their indebtedness has soared high more than yours. For as long as you don't smell bad from not taking a shower you're just fine.
How can we go about with life in spite of these challenges?
You are in control of your life. Life's outcome is what you make out of it.
Here are some ideas on the road to frugality to make you stop worrying and start living.
Food:  Buying fresh food in season, and canning them for storage is a great idea. You can also plant seeds and harvest them in due time. Just make sure that you label and date your products. Here is a link to canning:   Why buy new ones when you can still use your old ones? Some TV shows gives you idea to be fashionable by redesigning clothes, thus adding or diminishing styles, giving it a new look. You may need some magazines to redesign clothes. Holes? Some nice stitching works. Here's a link to designing clothes:   
 link to designing babies clothes You can always use the google search engine to find things on the internet.
Yard sales is a good source of used clothing. Most of these clothes are fairly new, especially children's clothes, since kids grow up really fast and the  price from yard sales : you cannot beat it: One, two or three clothes for 50 cents to a dollar.

Furniture:  If you just moved to new home, and the house is empty, you can purchase furniture's from a estate sale or  perhaps the rental store where they sell used furniture's. I would advice that you not to buy old mattresses though, unless a relative or a friend you know is giving it away.  I bought my furnitures new at stores that have big store sale. My couch cost me half of the normal price. There's a store that we use to have in the Tri-cities called liquidation store. They sell new appliances and furnitures at half the price and even lower.  Maybe you can find one in your area.
Look for big anniversary sale, or closing out sales, if you don't like used furnitures. Also there's a section in the furniture shop, where they sell refurbished furnitures for half the price and even lower. These are returned items that they cannot sell at a regular price.
Second hand household stuff that you need to avoid buying : Rugs, Carpets, mattresses, socks, under wears (haha)

   Coming up:    Avoiding more big expenses!